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Welcome to Royalty School Of Etiquette​ 

 Modern Etiquette & Manners in 5 Steps

"We Can Bring The Classes to You"

 "For Those Who Want Their Kids To Stand Out".

"Good Manners Opens Doors,  While Bad Manners Closes Doors."

   First impressions are lasting impressions. One doesn't get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Etiquette for youth can be a door towards great social skills, increased confidence and self-esteem.  

Royalty School of Etiquette courses are a modern approach to teaching etiquette and social skills with a strong emphasis on respect and value for others.

 The curriculum is fun and interactive where chidren have a blast learning.  It is age appropriate and non-judgemental. 

 Our goal is to recruit, train and equip girls and boys with the proper life skills that will last a lifetime.   


Royalty School of Etiquette core program offers a 5 weeks transformational training course which covers a variety of topics for youth 7-21 years of age. 

 Introducing Financial Literacy & Youth Entrepreneurship program this Summer:


"Raising Black Millionaires Workshops"

an interactive curriculum program that not only expands children's horizons with Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy, but does it in a fun and engaging way.


Call, text or email us for any information you may need.


"We are a MOBILE SCHOOL.   We would  love to bring our classes to your facility."

We work with: 




~Faith-Based Organizations

~Community Centers

Give Us A Call

"We follow the revised  CDC Guidelines for Covid by Wearing a Mask and Sanitizing of Hands"


[email protected] 


a Youth Entrepreneur & Financial Literacy Program

   We are raising a generation of Kids to "Do Better, Be Better, Be Best". This program is inspirational, educational and helps unlock the Generational Wealth Building Power within Your Children by inspiring them to dream big and to be inspired to start their own business at a young age.

 This is a 7 hours workshop split into 2 days @3.5 hrs. each Session.


We all want better for our children. This program will inspire your little royals to start their own business and become a CEO of his /her company.  Our financial literacy component shares a lecture on tips, strategies and resources that will help students become inspired to start their own business and to prepare now for a financially succesdful future.  Students will learn :  Money Management...Spending/Saving;  Debt;  Building Credit:;  Credit Cards/Debit Cards;  Investing/Interest; Making Right Choices; Business Etiquette and much more.  

Students will Meet High Society African American Millionaires that are Presidents and CEO's of their company from across the nation that Looks like them in real time.  Students will get the opportunity to meet  young business owners as young as 8 years old.  A kid CEO is a  good choice. 

This is a certificate of completion program.


Raising Black Millionaires Workshops will help children 

~Be Inspired To Start a Business

~Learn New Potential Career Paths

~Expand their Minds to see their own Limitless Potential

~Discover Role Models to follow on Social Media

~Connect with High Achievers making History in Real Time

~Build Confidence & Se;f Esteem and more...

Registered Students are ask to wear casual business attire.


~Welcome Mr. Allen F. Maxwell ,  La Mesa, California, our Guest Speaker  for July 10th Workshop. Mr. Maxwell is President of Omni2 Max Co in California and serves as Vice President & CFO of The Eagles Org., He is Author of best seller book,  The System Is Unforgiving

Also Welcome Business Owners, Financial Literacy Experts & Pastor, John Jay Jones PH.D & TTina Jones, PH.D. Kennesaw, GA

Workshop Location:

 Hilton Double Tree Hotel

2055 S. Park Place

Atlanta, GA 30339

Enroll Now! Space is limited

To Enroll, Please Visit our Contact Page , Send us your information